Switchable Magic Pdlc Smart Film For office hotel Window and shower Room

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Switchable Magic Pdlc Smart Film For office hotel Window and shower Room

Product Description

Smart switchable film is a product that is capable of adjusting light transmission between

transparent and opaque using AC power. Due to moisture sensitivity, earlier versions of the film were used only to make smart glass by lamination on glass. With continual improvement in moisture resistance, the new (3rd) generation of the film can be directly installed on existing windows with special glue or self-adhesive. It combines many functions, such as light adjustment, UV and infrared blocking, advertising and protecting privacy.


Product Function 

1) Privacy Protection :

   The biggest function of Our pdlc film is privacy protection,which can control the glass between transparent and opaque.It can protect your privacy by our smart film

2) Projection Screem:

   Our Pdlc film can be used as a good projection screen, in appropriate light environment, if choose high lumen projector, the image of projection effect is very clear(suggest use rear projection mode).
3) Safety Protection

   Our pdlc film thickness is about 0.36mm. When installed on your glass window,It can adhensive your window closely, When the window are broken, The film can avoid the window glass flying around and hurt others,
4) Environmental Protection:

   Our PDLC film attached on the surface of glass,Which can resist heat over 98% UV and over 95% infrared ray. In order to reduce thermal radiation, it requires shielding partial infrared ray. While if shielding UV can protect indoor furnishings not fade, aging and so on, and protect people against the disease by ultraviolet radiation.

Product Structure


Technical Parameter

Item Mode Unit Tolerance Value
  Optical performance Light Transmittance On % ±1 82
Off % / >55
Haze On % ±0.5 4.5
Off % / >96
Visual Angle On ° / 160
 Electrical performance Drive voltage On AC/V / 48~65(50/60HZ)
Response time On→Off ms / ≤200
Off→On ms / ≤10
Power consuming On W/m2 / <5
Hot-shrinkage TD / % / ≤0.2
MD / % / ≤0.9
rateElectric control operation On / / Transparent
Off / / Matte
Working layer thickness / μm ±5 395
Chromatic aberration△E(reflection) Off CIELAB / ≤2.5
Working temperature / / -20~65℃
Store temperature / / -20~60℃
Store humidity / % / 20~60
Useful Life On h / >80000




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